Fair use policy for screenshots of Delib products


You can use screenshots of Delib products for:

  • Your organisation's internal teaching materials
  • Internally circulated reports
  • Getting help (e.g. when contacting Delib)

For all other purposes please contact support@delib.net for permission.

Screenshots may be cropped and resized but should be otherwise unaltered.

Copyright notice

A copyright notice should be placed near the screenshot: "Copyright (year) Delib Limited"

User-submitted or third-party content

Please ensure you have permission to publish any content shown in the screenshot, such as:

  • survey responses
  • text or attached documents
  • embedded rich media, images or videos

Ensure these are credited appropriately, in addition to the Delib copyright notice.

Screenshots of maps

Citizen Space Geospatial includes maps on some screens. The map tiles (images) are subject to additional usage restrictions, which depend on the mapping provider. Citizen Space map tile providers are:

  • Ordnance Survey: use of OS maps is free in TV, film and printed articles. End users are asked to register for their free Media Licence to support stories and features with OS maps. The following attribution should be used: "Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right (year)"
  • Geoapify: Attribution notices for OpenMapTiles and OpenStreetMap are required, for example, "Copyright OpenMapTiles.org and OpenStreetMap.org contributors"

You can see which provider's tiles are being shown by clicking the 'i' button on the bottom right of any map.