Using Delib products when working with partner organisations

Some organisations using Delib products have asked us whether they can share access to their site with other separate organisations, such as partner organisations who may deliver services on a local authority's behalf.

A contract to use one of our products applies exclusively to the contracting organisation (unless agreed otherwise with us at the time of purchase) and Delib customers are therefore not licensed to share their site with other third parties without our permission.

What you can do

We are happy for you to host activities or challenges on your site that are being run in partnership with, or as a shared project with, one or more separate organisations, and your site will provide the functionality to add the branding of additional organisations to a specific activity or challenge.

We are also happy for you to share access to your site with external consultants who are working jointly with you on a given activity, e.g. such as to assist with your analysis of the feedback.

What you can't do

However you cannot host activities or challenges on your site on behalf of other organisations. Separate organisations will need to purchase their own site.

This is primarily for 2 main reasons:

  1. Each customer's subscription package is chosen based on the required capacity of that particular organisation. That package may not be adequate if the site is used by other organisations or if the level of support demand increases as a result of more organisations having access to the site.
  2. The contracting organisation is the data controller for all data gathered on your site. Allowing third parties to use the site is therefore not advisable from a data protection perspective and may not be permissible under GDPR unless you have a legitimate reason for sharing the data.

If you need to share your site with other partner organisations, please get in contact with your customer success manager or email us at and we can discuss whether there is an appropriate subscription package or alternative solution to meet your requirements.