Content writing top tips

Below are top tips we have learnt through experience. We are more than happy to help and double check things for you and answer any questions that may crop up.

  • Have a colleague QA your work - this is something we all do here at Delib. It helps to catch out those small typos that are easily missed.
  • As your Delib customer success manager to review your content before go-live. We are more than happy to go through and sense check for you.
  • Submit test responses - but remember to remove the test responses before you go live!
  • Use Microsoft Word's Grammar checker - see below

In the UK, the average reading age is 9 years old (Grade 3/4). It may seem obvious, but it's so important: identify who your audience is. Ensure the team or individuals assigned the the project know who they are writing content for and have considered the readability of their copy.


There are tests you can do to test the readability of your copy.

The Flesch Reading Ease scores means: 

  • 80-90 Very Easy 
  • 70-80 Fairly Easy
  • 60-70 Standard
  • 50-60 Fairly Difficult
  • 40-50 Difficult
  • 30-40 Very Difficult  

It is not recommended to write copy that scores anything less than 65. 

(Source: Plain Words)