Editable content

As an admin you can add content to or edit the following on your Simulator:

You can reach these 3 sections via your dashboard under the heading ‘Manage Simulator’, or by selecting ‘Settings’ at the top of the dashboard. 

Screenshot of links to editable content, under Settings in the dashboard navigation menu, or via the various links under the 'Manage Simulator' heading.

General settings

Here you can edit the following:

  • Simulator Title: the main heading for your Simulator, for example 'Can you help us balance our budget?'.
  • Open & Close Dates: for your Simulator project.
  • Contact Details: name, URL and phone number of your organisation. The name you add here will provide alt text for your organisation’s logo. Adding a URL creates a link to your organisation's website, which is displayed to participants in a ‘Contact us’ box on the final Thanks Page. The URL must include 'https://'. If you include a phone number, this number will appear on your Simulator homepage and will also be added to the ‘Contact us’ box.
  • Access Codeset up a code to limit access to your Simulator.

Groups and sliders

Here you can add groups, add sliders, move them around, edit their content or delete them. You can also create or change your slider settings.


Here you can edit the introduction pages, follow up pages and policy pages. You can also edit the sharing page if you’ve chosen to enable this on your site.

Start Page

  • Page heading: this optional heading appears on your homepage, underneath the Simulator Title.
  • Page body text: the main homepage text, which introduces the Simulator to your participants and lets them know how to take part. This introductory text is most effective when it’s fairly short and snappy.
  • 'More Info' text: we suggest keeping the page body text short, but you might want to give your participants the option of reading more background information before they get started. Text added here will appear in a pop-up box, linked to from your homepage. 
  • 'Closed' text: this replaces the page body text when your Simulator is closed. It’s best to keep this fairly brief. 

Follow Up Pages

  • Consequences Page: this page summaries a participant’s choices, giving them a chance to look over their decisions before they submit them. You can add a heading and page body text to this page if you’d like.
  • Demographics Page: your Customer Success Manager can add a maximum of 10 demographics questions of your choice to your Simulator. You can add a heading and page body text to this page, to let your participants know how you’ll use this data.
  • Thanks Page: this page is displayed after a participant has submitted their choices. You can add text here to thank them for taking part and let them know about any planned follow-up activities. 

Sharing Pages

  • Sharing Page: add a page title and text here to the sharing page, which allows participants to share their choices on Facebook or Twitter. 

Policy Pages

These pages - the Accessibility Policy, Privacy Policy, Cookies policy and Terms of Use - are linked to at the bottom of your homepage. Your Simulator is deployed with Delib’s standard text. Before you go live, remember to add your own organisation’s policies to these pages.