Simulator - Sharing Page

Enabling sharing in Simulator provides a unique URL for each respondent's 'sharing page', which can then be shared by them on social media.

The 'sharing page' displays their submitted choices for each service or priority area including the consequences of each selected option. The page also includes a button which allows the viewer to go and submit their own response, encouraging further participation.

Sharing page user journey

Respondents take part in the Simulator by moving the sliders, viewing their consequences page, filling in the demographics questions (optional), and then selecting the 'Submit' button.

If sharing is enabled, the respondent will see the following on the 'Thanks' page (this is an example from Budget Simulator, and a similar page is shown on Bill and Points Simulators:

Screenshot of Thank you page with Sharing options at bottom, including a link for the respondent to share their responses, along with a Share on Facebook and Share on Twitter button links.

The respondent can share their choices in three different ways:

  • By copying and pasting the URL link. This is a unique URL for each respondent's Sharing Page.
  • By clicking 'Share on Facebook', which looks like this:

    Facebook sharing post with card link to Simulator.

  • By clicking on 'Share on Twitter', which looks like this:

Twitter post sharing link to Simulator.

The Sharing Page includes the total budget or points allowance at the top of the page. You can set the title and the wording at the top of the page for your site. It then lists how the respondent set the various sliders for each group.

Screenshot of sharing page with title,  in this example: Think you could balance the books? and text visible: Here is how I would do it. Why not have a go yourself and share how you would spend Arlen Hill Government's budget?.

Sharing is switched off by default. If you would like it to be switched on for your site, please contact your customer success manager.