Support for embedded video and images

You can embed video and images within your Simulator. These will work across different screen sizes and on mobile.


Where can videos be embedded?

You can embed videos within:

  • the 'Page body' text on the Start page of your Simulator
  • the 'More info' pop-up text
  • the 'Closed' text
  • the 'Thanks' page

What video formats can be embedded?

We support the embedding of videos from YouTube and Vimeo (because your Simulator site is SSL protected, the videos which are embedded must have SSL certification on the site, otherwise visitors will see warnings about insecure content).

Videos from services other than YouTube and Vimeo is 'at your own risk' as it may not work with the site on different screen sizes or on mobile.

Keep in mind that videos will automatically resize to fill the width of the screen on which they are being viewed, so they may look different to how they appear on the administration pages.

How to embed video

At the top right of any text box which enables video embeds, select 'Source'.

Screenshot of text editor with Source button circled which is the last button option.

Now go to Youtube or Vimeo, and find the embed code for the video that you would like to use. You can usually find this by selecting 'Share' - but make sure you select 'Embed' rather than the sharing URL.

Youtube video with embed code.

Copy the embed code, and paste it in to the source code in your Simulator, positioned in relation to the rest of the text, where you would like the video to appear. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit save. If the embed has been successful, you will see the iframe in the text box, as per below:

Text editor after video successfully embedded which as an iframe block where the video will be on the public-facing page.

We have a screen-record tutorial showing how to do this on our DelibTV YouTube channel.


Please also bear in mind that including video on your site can affect the accessibility of the site. See the W3C FAQ on multimedia content for further detail.

Also, video is not guaranteed to work in older browsers (for example, Internet Explorer). This is dependent on the browser support policy of the video provider (YouTube, Vimeo etc).


Where can images be embedded?

You can embed images within:

  • the 'Page body' text on the Start page of your Simulator
  • the 'More info' pop-up text
  • the 'Closed' text
  • the 'Consequences' page
  • the 'Demographics' page
  • the 'Thanks' page

Any image you wish to embed in Simulator must already be hosted somewhere online – such as on your organisational website, Flickr or similar. (You cannot upload images to the Simulator server.)

If you have videos and/or images you want to embed in your Simulator but aren't sure how to make them available online, speak to your customer success manager who will help you upload them.