Previewing pages in Simulator sites

Unlike Citizen Space, simulator sites do not have a dedicated preview button/link to review your work as you build your site. However, some of the simulator pages (budget, demographics and thanks) have specific URLs that allow you to see how the public-facing pages are looking before you open your simulator.

Note: You must be signed in as an admin to view these individual pages when the Simulator is closed. 

Previewing the slider page 

To preview how your simulator looks to users, eg. sliders and groups, before you have finalised or published, simply add /budget to the end of your URL.

For example: 

Budget preview screen with /budget highlighted in the URL.

Previewing the demographic questions page

To preview the demographic questions page, you will need to add /demographics to the end of your URL. Please note, demographic question content can only be added and updated by Delib. 

For example: 

Demographics preview screen /demographics highlighted in the URL.

Previewing the thanks page

To preview the thanks page, add /thanks to the end of your URL. 

For example: 

Thank you preview screen with /thanks highlighted in the URL.

Further testing and removing test responses

In addition to previewing individual pages, we also recommend testing the complete user experience by opening your simulator and completing it as a respondent. This allows you to preview the complete user experience across all simulator pages. If you do this however, you will need to remove test responses before finally launching your simulator. Here is our guide on how to remove test responses.