Protecting your Simulator with an access code

Setting an access code on your Simulator will prevent any of its content being visible to the general public. You will need to provide the code to your intended respondents, which they then enter to access the Simulator.

This can be useful for allowing key stakeholders to preview a Simulator before general release, or for running internal exercises where you don't want details to be visible to the public.

Setting an access code

To set an access code, log into your Simulator site.

Access code settings can be found by going to Settings > General Settings > Access Code.

Admin screen for settings showing where and how to set access code.

On this page you can:

  • Enter an access code, which will enable this feature
  • Set a heading and message for the access code entry page

Access codes can consist of numbers, letters and symbols, and are not case sensitive.

To enable access code protection, decide what you want the code to be and enter it in the access code field, then save the page. The message at the top of the page will change to indicate the simulator is protected, and a lock icon will be presented next to the title of the Simulator.

Admin screen for access code settings once activated with a lock symbol and a message stating that access code protection is enabled.

Disable the access code

To disable protection, delete the access code from the access code field and save.

Note: If you have the sharing feature turned on, this will be disabled while the Simulator is protected. Admins can still access the sharing settings to do set up, but the sharing feature will not be displayed on the thank you page and responses will not be shareable.

Accessing a protected Simulator

Access to the admin area is available behind the normal login at https://your-simulator-url/admin.

When accessing the front end, users will be presented with a generically themed form to enter the access code:

Access code screen where users enter access code.

Once they have entered the code, they can proceed to fill in the Simulator as normal.

At the end of their journey, on the thank you page, they will be prompted to exit the Simulator. This will clear their access and they will be returned to the 'Enter Access Code' page. Fully closing the browser will have the same effect.

Thank you screen that includes note that response has been submitted and an exit link to exit the Simulator.