Response publishing checklist

Some things to think about before using response publishing...

  • Do you have enough time or people available to moderate all responses?

This will be affected by how many free text questions there are in your survey and how many responses you receive.

  • Is response publishing switched on for your Citizen Space site?

If not, please contact us via and we'll be able to switch the feature on for you.

  • Have you included a consent question with a radio buttons or single checkbox answer component in your survey?
  • Have you set the consent question as 'required' so that you know everyone will definitely answer it?
  • Have you given the consent question answer component an easy to recognise 'reporting field heading' so you can easily pick it out from a list? (For example: RP consent question)
  • Do you want to publish responses after the survey has closed, or while participation is still ongoing?

It’s up to you whether you think it’s helpful for respondents to see what others have said so far, or if you’d prefer to keep the process closed so that people aren’t influenced by what has already been said.

  • Have you agreed a moderation policy for your organisation?

For example, what is your policy on publishing sensitive data, inappropriate or foul language, political views, etc.

  •  Do you have a file upload component in your survey? If so, have you added a publishable file upload component as well?

Remember to set the publishable file upload component to 'Publish' in the publishing settings.

Remember to set the publishable reply component to 'Publish' in the publishing settings. Publishable replies follow the same moderation process as other qualitative response data.