Response publishing - consent question

This article explains how to set up the consent question for response publishing. Please speak to your customer success manager if you do not have response publishing enabled on your Citizen Space hub and are interested in learning more about it.

Create a consent question within the online survey

In order to publish responses in Citizen Space, the survey must ask respondents for their consent to publish, using a question with a radio button or single checkbox answer component as you want to ensure only one answer to a consent question.

Set up the consent question just as you would any other question in the survey (being sure to use a radio button or single checkbox answer component).

In the reporting field heading we recommend entering something such as 'response publishing consent' as it will make it easy to identify when configuring the response publishing settings. The consent question can be positioned anywhere in the survey, but is commonly placed at either the beginning or the end.

Keep in mind that if a respondent does not answer the consent question, none of their responses can be published, so you may wish to set the consent question as 'required' to answer.

An example of the set up is below:

The organisation would like your consent to publish your response. Options are Publish response in full, Publish anonymously, Do not publish. Screenshot.

We recommend that the wording of the consent question and answers are carefully considered before the survey opens, as you need the correct permissions in place before being able to publish submitted responses.

When providing the respondent with answers to the consent question, it is best practice to be very clear what the options are (more than just 'yes' and 'no'). This way the respondent is certain what will be published. Examples of consent questions are below:

An example consent question: The (Organisation) would like your permission to publish your consultation response. Please indicate your publishing preference. Options are Publish response in full, Publish anonymously, Do not publish.

An example consent question asks respondents for their permission to publish answers which are not personally identifying. Options include yes, but not publishing name, email adress and organisation and no.

For help with adding questions generally in Citizen Space, please see how to add questions to your survey.