In-app notifications in Citizen Space

Citizen Space has an in-app notification system to make your admins aware of important information about the site. When we add a notification, each of your admins will see it across the top of the page next time they log in. It will not be visible on the public side of the site.

Each notification will appear on your site for a limited period of time set by us, and users can easily clear it once they've read it using the 'close' button on the right-hand side of the coloured strip.

An example of the kind of information we share via the notification system is product updates. The next time one of your admins logs in after we've upgraded your Citizen Space site to a newer version of the product, they will see a bright aqua blue notification across the top of the page with a link to the latest release announcement with more information.

Example of in-app notification with an aqua bar below the admin navigation bar. It includes a short line about the update and link to more information depending on what the notification is about.

We also use the notification system for other important information that will benefit all your users.