Citizen Space training in the Asia-Pacific region - what we offer

Delib provides different types of training to suit your organisation's needs. Below we've set out some of the advantages of each type of session available, to help you work out what option is most appropriate for you as an Australian or New Zealand based Citizen Space customer.

Training for individuals - Remote or in-person

$300 per person + GST

  • If you have a small group of people in your organisation who need training, we are able to organise a remote session, or in-person session which can be held at your office.
  • Whether the session is standard or advanced, we can shape the agenda to meet your organisation's bespoke requirements and focus on the features in the platform that are of most interest or going to be most useful to your team. This format is also recommended if you have a lot of specific questions about slotting Citizen Space into your organisation's engagement processes. 

Group training sessions - up to 10 attendees

$1,500 + GST for a single session / $2,500 + GST for both sessions

  • For a group of up to 10 attendees, we can remotely deliver training via video call/screen share. This training programme is usually split into 2 sessions. 
  • The first session - ‘Consultation design and build’ will approximately take 3 hours to deliver on the one day. ‘Analysis and reporting’ will take approximately 2.5 hours to deliver - this is done on a different day. If you wish to have your training sessions organised in a different way, you are free to contact us to arrange this.
  • The training will cover the fundamentals of Citizen Space (standard) and will focus on getting you prepared to start working with the software. Consultation build and design aims to improve both your ability in survey design, as well as your engagement with respondents when using Citizen Space. Analysis and reporting focuses on assisting users with understanding how to use the tools available to them on the platform, to help with the data analysis process.


$250 + GST per hour / $2500 + GST per day

  • If you're preparing for a particular engagement activity and would like expert assistance in planning, designing or building it, we can come and spend the day at your office or arrange a remote session via video call/screen share to work on the activity with you.
  • Generally, consultancy sessions work better with a smaller group of about 4 or 5 people who are involved in the design and build of the particular activity.
  • If you or your team have a lot of questions for us about how best to use Citizen Space to run a particular activity, it can be more efficient in the long run to set aside a day and arrange for a customer success manager to come and talk through all of your requirements and queries in person, and build the activity at your side.

If you would like to book a training session, please get in touch with your dedicated customer success manager or email