Redirecting URLs

Occasionally we are contacted because an incorrect URL (web address) for an activity has been publicised. Unfortunately in most cases we're not able to help with this, but it's always worth getting in touch with your customer success manager via to see if there is anything we can do. If you do get in touch, please tell us the URL which has been promoted in error and the actual URL of your activity. 

If the redirect is something your IT team can carry out, then the guidance for this is below: 

Guidance for your IT team

Your IT team should make the redirect in one of the following ways:

  • Using a 302 redirect in their web server configuration
  • Via web forwarding at their domain registrar

Your IT team should not use a CNAME record to make the redirect. Your IT team would have already set up a CNAME record when your Citizen Space instance was initially created to point your domain at our servers. We cannot support SubjectAltNames for customer-controlled domains.