Release notes: Citizen Space v7.35

Citizen Space version 7.35 was released the week beginning 12th February 2024.

Ability to export a valid area or a selectable layer

It is now possible to export a valid area and/or a selectable layer from a map in Citizen Space. This is particularly useful if you've either drawn an area or layer from scratch, or uploaded an existing file but then tweaked it in Citizen Space, and would like to be able to re-use the area or layer in other activities. We hope this improvement will save valuable time and effort for your busy admins!

To find out how to export these files, please go to the relevant articles about valid areas or selectable components.

While this release did include some other changes, the above mentioned features were the only visible ones this time around. Rest assured however we hope to introduce more new geospatial features later this year so watch this space!