How to find your Ordnance Survey API key

This article is for Citizen Space Geospatial. Please speak to your customer success manager if you are interested in learning more about it.

To add Ordnance Survey (OS) tilesets and capabilities to your Citizen Space site we need your organisation's API key.

You can find this in your Ordnance Survey Data Hub account. We recommend sharing this article with your OS account admin if you do not have access.

Adding a new OS Data Hub project

We suggest that you create a new OS project for Citizen Space. This allows you to manage our access to your OS account as well as keep track of the total transactions that are used.

To create a new project in your OS account:

  1. Select 'API Dashboard' in the main menu
  2. Select 'My Projects' in the left-hand menu
  3. Select the 'Create a new project' button
  4. Give your project a name (for example: Delib Citizen Space)
  5. Click the 'Add API' button to add the following APIs to the project
    1. OS Maps API: for the OS raster tilesets
    2. OS Names API: for postcode search

See the OS Data Hub support page for more details about generating a Project API key.

You will now see the Project API Key ready to copy into your Citizen Space site's /geo_keys page to add Ordnance Survey as a tileset provider.