Private activities - how do I make an existing activity private?

Making an existing activity private is nice and simple, but it must be retracted in order to make the change.

1. From the dashboard select 'Retract' and then 'Edit Activity Details'.

Top of Dashboard with Edit Activity Details highlighted.

2. Scroll down to the 'Private activity' section and tick 'Make this activity private'.

Private Activity checkbox on Edit Activity Details.

3. Then select 'Save' (bottom right of the page).

4. Go back to the dashboard and select 'Publish'.

Top of Dashboard with Publish button highlighted.

How the URL will change

Once an activity is made private, the pathname will change from the text you had originally assigned to it to an alpha-numeric code, like this:

Top of activity dashboard with private URL highlighted.


If your activity is currently open (meaning today's date is within the start and end dates you have put in your 'Edit activity details' section), then you'll be prevented from making your activity private. The reasons why are listed in this article about it. 

To make the change in this case, you'll need to temporarily update your start date so that it is after today's date, save, and then select the 'make this activity private' checkbox. You can then reset the start date to its original date, save and republish.

BE AWARE: Your activity URL will change if you toggle your activity from public to private and vice versa, so if you have respondents in the middle of completing it then they may lose their response. Be mindful of this when making any change and only do so if you are happy you won't be interrupting anyone's response.