Activity types - the different activity types

There are 4 different activity types to choose from in Citizen Space, depending on the action respondents need to take in order to give you their views. The type you choose changes what respondents see in the 'call-to-action box' on the Overview page of your activity.

1. Online Survey: people respond online and their data is saved in Citizen Space. If you want to ask your respondents questions and have them respond online, you must use this activity type. The call-to-action box contains a link to enter the survey. Learn more about how to create an online survey.

Give us your views call to action with Online Survey link.

2. Email / Postal Activity: the main way to respond to your engagement activity is to download a document and return a response by email or post. The call-to-action box contains a link to download the relevant document. Learn more about Email / Postal activities.

Link/Postal call to action Download Survey Form.

3. Link: an activity is taking place somewhere else on the internet (for example, on a dedicated micro-site). The call-to-action box contains a link to take respondents to the other site. Learn more about Link activities.

Link call to action Take part in our partner organisation's consultation.

4. Offline Activity: an engagement activity is being carried out face-to-face or by phone. This option gives you an Overview page to share some information, and you can add text explaining how to participate in the call-to-action box. Learn more about Offline activities.

Offline activity call to action Upcoming Meeting Dates.

If you'd like to gather responses to your activity via a combination of the methods listed above, you'll need to set up the activity as an 'Online Survey' and then add information on the alternative methods of responding on the overview page.

Add Activity screen with all fields including activity type options.

Please note that once the 'Add Activity' button is selected, the activity type cannot be changed. The only way to correct this is to recreate the activity as the correct type, then delete the incorrect one.

Once you've decided on your activity type, learn how to set it up.