Privacy Policy - how to manage in Citizen Space

We include standard privacy information in every instance of Citizen Space. The Privacy page can be found in the footer of your Citizen Space site.

Footer on public home page.

How to add privacy text

If you would like to add additional information specific to your organisation, select Site and then Settings:

Global admin navigation with Site menu selected and Site Settings highlighted.

Then you will see a menu of options. Select the Pages link:

Site Settings navigation with Pages highlighted.

Then, from the 'Manage Page Content' page, select 'Privacy' from the Policy Pages section.

Manage Page Content page.

Then, enter your Privacy text in the box and select Save.

Text editor on 'Edit Policy Page: Privacy' page where you can add your own content. Screenshot.

This text will appear below or above the existing standard information depending on your preference. Contact your customer success manager to change your setting.