Moving activities - how do I move an activity to another department?

All activities live within a department in your Citizen Space site. Site Admins can move an activity to another department by changing the ownership.

Step 1

Log in to Citizen Space, and navigate to the dashboard of the activity you want to change. If the activity is published and open, you will need to retract it and edit the start/end date to a day in the future before you can make changes (please see this article for more details about why the dates may need to be changed).

Step 2

Select Edit Activity Details from the numbered list in the top left corner. 

From here, scroll down to the Owner section. Here you will see the current owner, and the department they are in (circled):

Owner on Edit Consultation Details.

Select the owner in the new department you wish to move the activity to:

Owners are shown in a dropdown with their job titles and departments. An example owner is shown as being in the Housing. Screenshot.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

The new owner will receive an email telling them that the activity has been moved to them. The previous owner will not receive a notification of the move.

Note: It is best to make this change either before an activity goes live or after it has closed.

If an activity is open, any in-progress responses will be lost because the respondents' cookies will become invalid.