Email / Postal Activities

The Email / Postal Activity type allows you to upload a document to the overview page of your activity for respondents to access. The respondent can then download and fill in the document and either email or post their response to you.

Once you've added your activity as an Email/Postal Activity type you can get started and upload your document:

1. On the dashboard select on Downloadable Document. We recommend you use a file type which is commonly used by the public, such as a Word document or a PDF.

2. Add in the title for the document, which will be used for the link in the published activity.  If you do not choose a title then the file name of your document will be used.

3. You can then upload the document by clicking the Choose File button and, after you have selected the document, clicking on Save.

4. Fill out the Edit Activity Details page and Manage Theme page.

Voila! You are ready to publish.