How to add 'Alt text' to images in Citizen Space

Alternative text should be added to every image you add to Citizen Space.

It is an essential element of web accessibility: it can be read by screen readers giving people with visual or cognitive impairments a description and function of the image you’ve chosen. 

How to add alt text

When you select the 'Insert image' icon to add an image to Citizen Space you’ll see an ‘Alternative text’ box underneath the image url.

Add the description of your image to this 'Alternative Text' field.

Image properties screen with Alt Text field circled. Screenshot.

The description should:

  • be brief (around 15 words) 
  • be accurate 
  • present the content and/or function of the image
  • not duplicate information provided about the image, e.g. if the image title is already included in the text
  • not include the words ‘image of’ ‘picture of’, etc. It is usually apparent to the user that it is an image.

When you’re happy with your alternative text, select 'OK'.

Additional resources

You can read also read this article if you would like more information about how to create accessible online activities.