Adding headings to your text in Citizen Space

Headings provide structure to your content. They help to break up the text, making it easier to scan and read. Headings can also be used by screen readers to navigate a page.

Using headings to divide up your content benefits individuals who:

  • Are blind or visually impaired
  • Use the keyboard to navigate
  • Are slower at reading or processing information
  • Have difficulty organising or prioritising content
  • Want to quickly read and process information

How to add accessible headings to your content in Citizen Space

In the text editor bar, use the Styles button to select the appropriate heading option. 

Text editor toolbar with headers button highlighted.

Selecting the right heading option

To work out what the appropriate heading tag should be, we need to follow a standard heading hierarchy or structure:

  • On the Overview page, if you wish your heading to be the same level as the headings 'Overview' or 'Why were are consulting', use 'Heading 2' (Note: 'Heading 1' is not an option as it's used for the activity title). Any sub-headings that you wish to sit within those sections should be 'Heading 3'.
  • On the survey pages, start with 'Heading 3' because 'Heading 2' is for the survey page titles. Any equivalent headings that follow on should also be 'Heading 3', and any sub-headings should be 'Heading 4'.

More information

Read more about headings and accessibility at WebAIM - Semantic structure: Headings.