Updating your map settings

This article is for Citizen Space Geospatial. Please speak to your customer success manager if you are interested in learning more about it.

There are 2 main components to updating your background map:

  • Choosing the tileset — what the background map looks like to users
  • Setting the starting view of the map — the zoom and centre point of the map when it loads

Choosing your tileset

Your tileset will be set automatically from your master account's default settings. You can either chose to keep it this way or change it to better suit your specific map's purpose.

  • Choose your preferred tileset from the dropdown in the form
  • The map will update with a preview of the selected tileset
  • Click save changes before you leave the page to confirm

Find out more about choosing your tileset.

Setting the starting view

Setting a centre point and a zoom level for your map enables you to control what the map will look like when a user first visits the survey page.

This means you can focus attention on a specific part of the map, whilst still enabling users to contextualise that location in the wider map area if they chose to pan or zoom out.

Find out how to set the map zoom and centre point.