Release notes: Citizen Space v7.1

Citizen Space version 7.1 was rolled out the week beginning the 25th October 2021.

Your latest Citizen Space release brings some geospatial changes, general security improvements, and squashed bug or two.

So what's new in v7.1?

These changes are for our Citizen Space Geospatial customers:

A little help when editing feature attributes on maps

We've added a line of text to help admin users know what to do in order to edit a specific feature's attribute within a map layer — simply select the feature and you'll have the option to then edit its attributes.

Removed the letter from pins when only one map layer is added

When you add a map that only has a single points layer, there is no longer a letter associated with the pin (on both the map and in the key). It wasn't a problem having the letter, but just looked a bit odd. But that oddness is no more as we've taken care of it in this release.

A slight change to how maps and responses look in analysis view

Before we had a 'sticky' map in the reporting pages ('Response organised by question') which meant the map was 'stuck' on the page so it was always visible even when you scrolled down the page. It didn't really address the problem we were trying to solve (being able to see the map along with a selected response highlighted in the table below it) and resulted in a double scroll bar on the page. The map is no longer sticky making it easier to scroll up and down the page, which also makes it easier to see the relevant responses in the table. And now when you select an individual response on the map, you get a link to view the response directly. 

And some usual behind the scenes maintenance

This release included a few more hidden improvements, including security tweaks and the elimination of some bugs.