Release notes: Citizen Space v6.7

Citizen Space version 6.7 is being rolled out to all customers in the week beginning 23rd August 2021. 

So what's new in v6.7?

Consultations and beyond

Citizen Space is your platform for all online engagement. Many of you now use Citizen Space for so much more than consultation, and you need your site to reflect this. In our last release we took our first steps in removing the word “consultation” from places in Citizen Space where it isn’t possible for you to change the text yourself, and we’ve taken another stride this time around. 

The Overview page heading 'Why we are consulting' was a great fit with formal consultations. But the heading also needed to work with the wide range of engagement activities we see on your sites, from feedback questionnaires on local attractions to internal surveys on working from home to application forms for volunteering programmes.

So we’ve changed it to 'Why your views matter'. We think it’s a bit more friendly and works a whole lot better with all of the innovative uses you’ve found for Citizen Space. We hope you like it.

Distinct links

As in many of our releases, we’ve made some accessibility improvements. It’s important to us to keep looking for ways to embrace best practice in Citizen Space. Some of the changes we’ve made will only be noticed by users of assistive technology, but one example of a change that’s essential for some users but useful for all is that web links will be underlined by default. This makes it easy for all respondents to quickly understand that a link is in place, and helps you to maintain a consistent approach across your site.