Release notes: Citizen Space v6.6

Citizen Space v6.6 was rolled out to customers in the week beginning 16th August 2021.

This release focused on Citizen Space Geospatial by adding updated map styling for improved accessibility and a new export map layers function, along with a minor bug fix.

If you would like to find out more about Geospatial for Citizen Space, contact your customer success manager.

Styling changes for improved accessibility

We've said it before and we'll say it again — accessibility is important to us at Delib. We've been working with the inclusion consultancy Tetralogical throughout the design and development of Geospatial (you can read more about that on our website) and continue to make improvements based on their feedback.

This time we've updated the styling of map layers including:

  • updated points that now feature a letter
  • different fill patterns in polygon shapes
  • different line thicknesses and stroke patterns
  • changes to selected elements to make them easier to spot

All of these changes were made in order to better tell apart visually similar features without solely relying on colour.

Ability to export map layers

You now have the ability to download layers you've previously uploaded or drawn so that you can reuse them. This export preserves the features, attribute labels and attribute value data for each layer, so they could be easily uploaded to another mapping page — great for when you want to show the same map with all of its layers multiple times in the same activity or in future activities.

Squashed a bug

This release also squashed a minor bug that occurred in mobile view.