Release notes: Citizen Space v6.3

Citizen Space v6.3 was rolled out to customers in the week beginning 24th May 2021.

This release focussed on adding features to Geospatial for Citizen Space, but also included some accessibility tweaks for all Citizen Space users.

You can now add layer attributes to your map as information labels

Attributes are the non-spatial information about a geographic feature, such as the name or description of each feature within a layer. For example, if you have a GeoJSON file showing the location of polling stations, that GeoJSON file may also include additional data such as the name of the polling station and what electoral ward it is in.

The default site-wide starting view is here!

We can now set a default site-wide starting view. This is the default zoom and centre point that will show on every mapping page when it is initially added to the online survey. All maps will still be fully editable on a page by page basis once the mapping page has been added.

7 new tilesets have been added, using Open Street Map

Open Street Map (OSM) covers most of the globe, Ordnance Survey(OS) covers only Wales, Scotland and England. Most of the available Open Street Map tilesets look very similar to the OS ones, but there are some differences including more image-based map icons and some high contrast maps. Now, all Citizen Space Geospatial customers will be able to use either OS or OSM (or both, where possible) should they wish.

Accessibility improvements

As you know accessibility is hugely important to us at Delib, and we have been working with Tetralogical throughout the design and development of Geospatial so far, ( you can read more about that on our website).
We are always making tweaks and improvements and this update is no different. This time we have made some small but important changes as a direct result of an accessibility audit that Tetralogical have carried out for us.