Release notes: Citizen Space v5.13

Citizen Space v5.13 will be rolled out to all customers in the week beginning 23rd November 2020. You'll see the changes after your usual upgrade day (ask your friendly customer success manager if you want a reminder of yours). So what's new?

Single line text rules

This release introduces an exciting new feature to Citizen Space…you can now add validation rules to a single line text answer component.

What’s that all about? Well. Imagine you’re creating a consultation aimed at specific departments and you want respondents to get an error message if they enter a department name which isn’t on the list. Or maybe you’re building a private team quiz for fun and want to halt progress to anyone who can’t correctly name the dullest of the classic biscuits (it’s the custard cream). The validated answer component is for you. 

We think this new feature has many possible uses, and we’re looking forward to finding out how you choose to use it.

Sentence case triumphs over Title Case

Many of you have told us that you’d prefer Citizen Space to use sentence case rather than title case. Sentence case scores points for readability, it’s recommended in UK, Australia and New Zealand government design guidelines and it’s just a bit more soothing on the eyes than title case. We’ve listened to the case for sentence case and you’ll notice far fewer capital letters in Citizen Space from now on.

Alterations and adjustments

This release also includes some smaller tweaks and hidden improvements.