Release notes: Citizen Space v5.9

Citizen Space v5.9 (our second Kaizen milestone of 2020) is a mini but jam-packed release focusing on mostly behind-the-scenes accessibility improvements and buggity bugfixes, but with a few extra visual changes added to the mix!

It will be rolled out to all customers in the week beginning 20th April 2020. You can read more details below — please get in touch with your customer success manager if you have any questions.

What's new?

Wider date input boxes

We've made a small tweak to the way the date answer component boxes appear. This has made the response boxes slightly wider for everyone. Prior to this release, the numbers in date boxes were slightly cut off for iOS mobile users. Now it's easier to complete the date inputs regardless of the device being used — once again showing that even tiny accessibility tweaks make things better for everyone. 

Improved colour contrast for open/close dates on the homepage

You told us that the open and close dates can be difficult to see on your Citizen Space homepage. We've adjusted the colour so that it meets WCAG 2.1 AAA colour contrast levels. We hope this helps to make the dates stand out more and easier to read.

Improved screen reading

We made some adjustments to bits of ARIA and other pieces of code to improve the user experience for those using screen readers as we continue to improve the accessibility of Citizen Space for all of our users.

Getting that copy / paste right

Not only did we upgrade the CKEditor to its newest version to help resolve some weird things that would randomly happen when pasting content, but we've also fixed the niggling issue of italics that would sometimes occur when pasting text into the editor. So go forth and Control+C / Control+V!

Forgotten password gets a subtle makeover

We tidied up some accessibility attributes on this page and as a result also gave it a brand new look — now it's looking so fresh and so clean, clean. 

Display of embedded PDFs is no longer platform dependent

There was some hinkyness when displaying embedded PDFs across different browsers and devices (some browsers showed the embedded PDF, others did not). This is no longer the case as all browsers and devices, including mobiles and tablets, will now show the embedded PDF as intended, without converting it to an inline link.

And a bit more...

This release has also tidied up a few wee niggles including the usual bug fixes.