Release notes: Citizen Space v5.8

Citizen Space v5.8 (our first Kaizen milestone of 2020) is a spring clean release introducing some small but mighty changes to make the platform easier to use and ready to take on a new decade!

It will be rolled out to all customers in the week commencing 17th February 2020. You can read more details below, and please get in touch with your customer success manager if you have any questions.

What's new?

Long answers in text boxes are now easily visible in analysis view

We've made a small tweak to the way text boxes appear in the analysis view. This small tweak has made the free text boxes more responsive. Prior to this release, if a respondent had entered a long answer in a single line text box, it would cut off in the analysis view. This made you (and us) pretty sad so if a long answer is now entered into a single line text box, the text box will expand in the analysis view enabling you to view their answer as a whole. We're hopeful that by making this small change to the way the free text fields behave we've made analysing qualitative answers easier and more straightforward. 

The few sentences you can see in the text box above were entered into a single line text box on the public side.

It is easier to differentiate between analyst-only and public-facing components in analysis

You told us that when you use the analysis tools in Citizen Space it can be tricky to spot the analyst-only components attached to public-facing questions. Based on this, we've made a small change that makes analyst-only components, analyst notes and tags appear within a highlighted blue area, similar to analyst-only questions. We hope this helps to make them stand out and more easy to find.

Configurable consultation listings - consultation links are now blue

At the end of 2019, we released a version of Citizen Space that enabled our customers to configure their landing page with images, different consultation listings and the ability to add a second landing page.

In this release, we've made a minor change to the way some of the consultation titles appear in the listings. Prior to this release, the consultation titles that appear on the hub and link to the overview page of the consultation did not look like a usual link, i.e. they weren't blue. It's important to us that we design user interactions to be easy to understand and that includes making it clear that certain text will behave like a link when selected and navigate to a different page. This small change ensures that links clearly appear as links usually do in that classic link-y blue!

Limits to file upload answer components

In v5.4, we introduced you to a piece of work we've been doing around the file upload answer component. We have continued with this work and v5.8 has brought about some further changes. These changes give you the ability to restrict the size of files uploaded to each component or to disable the file upload component across your site entirely. Neither change will be applied automatically to your site, we will be contacting and chatting to you individually.

And much more...

This release has also tidied up a whole bunch of little niggles including the usual bug fixes, behind the scenes security and performance improvements.