Release notes: Citizen Space v5.4

Citizen Space v5.4 is the fifth release brought to you from our Kaizen (continuous improvement) milestone process. Kaizen allows us to make more frequent releases to Citizen Space, made up of smaller tweaks and improvements. 

This release will be rolled out during the week commencing 7th October 2019. As per usual, this release will be applied to sites in batches overnight during the week, with each site having a designated night of the week.

What's new?

The email address login form is no longer case sensitive!

The email address field on the login page has forever been case sensitive. This means that if a user was initially added with the email address then they would have always had to login with an uppercase 'M' and 'N'.

This is the case no more (pun intended)! The email address field is no longer sensitive to any specific upper or lower case letters so whether you enter your email address in all lower or upper case, Citizen Space will now recognise it. 

Please note, this does not apply to the password field in this form. If you have entered lower case and/or upper case letters within your password, the case sensitivity is still present here. 

Responses Organised by Respondent - the size of an attached file is now viewable

Prior to this release, when viewing individual responses via 'Responses Organised by Respondent', it was possible to see that a file had been attached but it wasn't possible to see how large that file was. We've made a small tweak so you will now be able to see the size of the file alongside the link to download it. 

'We Asked, You Said, We Did' save button edit

The button that publishes the text entered within this feature has historically always only said 'Save'. You've told us that this can be confusing for your admins as it doesn't explicitly explain that if a consultation is closed and published, any text entered here will show immediately on the Overview page. We want all instructions in Citizen Space to be as clear as possible so we've made a small edit to the button text so it now reads 'Save and Publish'. We have also added some explanatory information above this button that will make it a lot clearer. This explanatory text above the button will only show when the consultation is open.

A new results column in the 'Manage Consultations' export 

We've updated the manage consultations export to include a column for ''Results Published'. The export already contains a column for the features 'We Asked, You Said, We Did' and for 'Response Publishing' so we've gone for a hat trick and added the "Results Published" column too! Now, when you do an export from the manage consultations page, you will be able to check against each consultation to see if results have been published. 

'Please reselect your file' improved warning message

If when adding a manual response to Citizen Space, you need to upload a document to a file upload answer component and the page errors and reloads (this could happen for lots of different reasons), the file that you have uploaded will not be there when the page reloads. Some of you have reported that files were being missed due to this so we've added a really clear warning message to the reloaded page to advise that any files attached previously will need to be re-added. 

Limits to file upload answer components

We have introduced a default hard limit for the number of file upload answer components that can be added to a survey. This limit is per survey and not per site. If you would like more information on this and would like to discuss in more detail, please get in touch with your customer success manager.

Limiting the number of these components that can be added to a survey is the start of a broader piece of work around the file upload component. 

And much more...

This release has picked off a lot little niggles including some improvements to the wording accompanying various instructions, formatting inconsistencies and all of the usual bug fixes, behind the scenes security and infrastructure work and accessibility tweaks.