Release notes: Citizen Space v3.6

Citizen Space v3.6 was rolled out to all customers on Tuesday 23rd January 2018.

What's new

More drag and drop re-ordering

You can now use drag and drop to re-order any Related Links or Related Consultations on the Edit Consultation Details form. This builds on the drag and drop re-ordering for Related Documents, which we built for Citizen Space v3.3. 

In addition to this, we have added drag and drop re-ordering of Files and Links on the Publish Results form.

Performance improvements to your Manage Consultations page

Whilst this is more of a 'behind the scenes' improvement meaning nothing on this page will look different, some changes that we have made in this release will bring an improvement to the performance of this page, and hopefully faster loading times. 

Bug fixes

We have fixed a bug related to deleting a consultation that is referenced elsewhere in Citizen Space. Users will now see a warning page before the consultation is deleted, which gives information about any pages or consultations linking to the consultation that is about to be deleted. This will enable you to easily find and amend those links, making it much easier to avoid having any broken links in your Citizen Space site.