Release notes: Citizen Space v3.4

Citizen Space v3.4 was rolled out to all Citizen Space customers on Tuesday 26 September 2017.

Managing users

We updated the .xlsx export of Users so it now includes an extra column showing whether a user's profile is 'active' or 'suspended'. This should make it much easier for you to manage user access on your Citizen Space instance and remove any deprecated profiles for people who no longer need access to the site.

We also introduced a specific error message to help you avoid adding duplicate users. Citizen Space will now let you know if an email address is already registered in your instance when you're trying to add a new user.

From a data protection perspective, we'd recommend it's good practice to review Citizen Space usage across your admins from time to time and make sure that only people who still need access have login details. For example if people have moved on from your organisation, it's worth having a tidy up and removing their user profiles.

Date formats in exports

A customer spotted that date and time data in .xlsx exports (such as date created, date modified and date submitted in the responses export) were no longer being displayed in a specific date and time format.

We fixed that so Microsoft Excel will now automatically display this data in the most useful format, meaning it's business as usual for you to analyse the date and time that respondents started and finished their responses if you need to