Release notes: Citizen Space v3.3

Citizen Space v3.3 was rolled out to all Citizen Space customers on Tuesday 12 September 2017.

Related documents

We’ve introduced more flexibility to the ‘Related documents’ feature. 

Thanks to this release, in Edit Consultation Details you can now both re-order and re-name your documents after they’ve been uploaded, making it much easier to switch things around if you change your mind after having already added the files.

For anyone who's not used this feature before, Citizen Space enables you to upload and attach files to your consultation overview page. These appear as links at the bottom of the page for respondents to download if they choose.

PDF summary report

In this release we’ve updated the consultation dashboard so that it displays the date that a PDF summary report was last generated. This change will make it easier for you to decide if you need to generate a more up-to-date version. 

For online consultations created in Citizen Space, it’s possible to generate and download a PDF summary report of all quantitative answers received. Presented in charts and tables, this is ideal for getting a quick snapshot at any point of what your response data looks like so far or for sharing with a colleague who’s asked for an update on how the consultation is going.

Managing your consultations 

We’ve made some improvements to the export you get when you download a list of your consultations from the Manage Consultations page, to provide you with more information. The spreadsheet will now include more comprehensive data for each consultation such as:

  • consultation owner;
  • consultation type;
  • public/private;
  • areas, audiences & interests;
  • which users have been assigned to the consultation as analysts;
  • and whether any responses have been published.

While we’re on the subject of the Manage Consultations page, you may on occasion have come across a bug on that page which meant that when sorting consultations by date order, Citizen Space sometimes sorted by DD/MM/YYYY rather than YYYY/MM/DD – not so useful! We’ve fixed that now so it should be much easier to browse your consultations from oldest to newest or vice versa.

Adding new users

When adding a new internal user to your Citizen Space hub, it previously wasn’t possible to add them if they had a Unicode character (such as é) in their name. We’ve fixed that now, as well as a couple of other bugs associated with how Citizen Space deals with Unicode characters in user names.

Searching by departments

A customer noticed and alerted us to the fact that the list of Departments in the Advanced Search tool on the public hub was no longer sorting alphabetically, so we’ve recovered that functionality and the list will now automatically appear in alphabetical order once more.

Needless to say that we also swept out a handful of other itty bitty bugs that were nesting in the product, including some that you spotted for us.