Release notes: Citizen Space v3.2

Citizen Space v3.2 focused on making some improvements to the admin experience and was rolled out to all Citizen Space customers on Wednesday 30 August 2017.

What's new

Simultaneous response analysis

Sometimes, you'll have several analysts working on the responses to a consultation at the same time. And, occasionally, that can mean two or more people end up analysing the same response simultaneously. To help with that process, we've added in some protections against analysts inadvertently overwriting each other's work.

You'll now get a warning if you try to analyse a response that someone else has already saved analysis information for. The warning happens once the analyst selects 'save response' and notifies the analyst on a per-question basis, to make sure you're alerted quickly and there's as little duplication of effort as possible. You'll be asked to review the changes so you can make sure the right analysis is submitted.

Response publishing admin access

Not a huge change, but just one to be aware of if you use response publishing: we've now separated the permissions for consultation publishing from those for response publishing. So, if you want to, you can now have users who can't set entire consultations live but who can manage the publishing of approved responses for their consultations. It just gives a bit more flexibility in your admin setup.

Multiple minor tweaks

As usual, we also fixed a round of minor bugs, including ones we found and ones you reported to us.