Release notes: Citizen Space v3.1.11

We update Citizen Space regularly, to make sure the product is continually improving and working as well as possible for our customers. Sometimes, these updates take the form of major new releases or the introduction of additional functionality. Sometimes, they're a collection of smaller tweaks and fixes to keep everything running smoothly.

v3.1.11 is in the latter category. We've been talking to customers (as we always do), getting feedback and keeping track of things that people have suggested could be better. We've incorporated a bunch of these tweaks and improvements, and addressed some small inconsistencies in the system (right down to details like the wording of PDF summary reports; these used to read 'There were 1 responses to this question', which we've now corrected to 'There was 1 response to this question'.)

The changes in v3.1.11 don't directly alter the way you use Citizen Space. This release doesn't introduce any new functionality; it should just iron out a few wrinkles and make your Citizen Space instance run that bit more smoothly.

v3.1.11 has been rolled out to all Citizen Space customers on 8th March 2017. If you’re already using Citizen Space and have any questions about this update, you can – as always – speak to your customer success manager.