Release notes: Citizen Space v3.1.3

We’ve just released a set of improvements to response publishing in Citizen Space v3 (Feb 2017).

In short, response publishing lets you present all the responses to a consultation (where consent has been given to do so) for other people to peruse. It’s great for transparency, accountability and completing the feedback loop. And, as with Citizen Space v3 in general, it’s now fully mobile-friendly, much prettier to look at and much easier to use.

Here’s a quick summary of the main changes:

A visual overhaul

Published responses are now displayed as a series of summary cards, in line with the overall styling of Citizen Space v3 (and consistent with your particular Citizen Space theming/colour scheme). This layout is also fully mobile-responsive, making it easy to browse on any size screen.  

Improved search and filter options

You can run a full text search of published qualitative answers (for example, searching for every response that used the phrase 'taking liberties' or 'the best thing'). There's also a neat and tidy sidebar for up to five filters, so that users can cross-tabulate by various responses (for example, see all responses from people who mentioned 'police' and selected 'fairly safe'). Admin users can choose which filters to make available.

Customise and preview the presentation

Admin users can decide whether to enable response publishing on a per-consultation basis. You can set your own introductory text for the published response page of each consultation, as well as specifying which parts of responses are made publicly available (for example, you may wish to display people's free text answers but not any of their demographic details). And you can now jump straight to published responses in Preview mode (using the navigation dropdown), so that you can easily switch between checking the build of your consultation and checking how responses will be displayed.