Required question - how do I make it a requirement for a question to be answered?

In some cases, you many need to set a question as 'required' to answer - it may be that one or two questions are crucial to achieving your purpose and without those answers your analysis wouldn't be useful.

If you need to set a question as 'required':

  1. Add your question (see this article if you need assistance in adding questions) or edit an existing question.
  2. In the answer components section, select the option you wish to use - for example, email address.
  3. Add in the accessibility details (if required for that type of answer component) and then, to make the question required to answer, check the box next to "Is the user required to respond?" as indicated in the screenshot below.

    Add required question
  4. Save changes and you're done!

Pro tip: Try not to make too many questions 'required' to answer as this can be prohibitive for your respondents. They will not be able to submit their response if they have not completed all your required questions, so you may have an increased dropout rate if you make more questions required to answer than is absolutely necessary for your analysis.