How to view responses

Admin users have full access to the response data for their activities, or activities they have been assigned to analyse.

You can find the options in your dashboard. Responses collect here for you to view, analyse, query, and export them.

In this article we’ll look at:

Responses to this Activity section on Dashboard.

Responses organised by question

'Responses Organised by Question' allows you to select responses by the questions in your survey.

Responses by question page with filter options and download filtered reports links.

By selecting the relevant question you can then view all of the responses to that question.

Responses organised by respondent

By selecting the 'Responses by Respondent' link on the dashboard you can view a list of submitted responses.

Responses organised by respondent page with options to filter and table of submitted responses.

You can see a complete response by selecting one of the response ID links.

Exporting full response data

You can also download/export responses for your activity. The 'Download all responses' and 'Download all responses including analyst fields' exports allow you to export and view all of your response data in full at any time. These are in .xlsx format.