Analysis - How to use Responses Organised by Respondent

Responses Organised by Respondent is an option you’ll find on your activity dashboard.

Responses to this Activity section on Dashboard with Responses organised by respondent highlighted.

Responses organised by respondent can be used to:

  • See a detailed view of responses submitted to your activity so far
  • See how many questions in the survey each respondent has answered
  • See response submission dates
  • Download a PDF copy of a respondent’s answers.
Responses organised by respondent table of submitted responses including Response ID, Name, Organisation, Questions answered, Date Submitted and the option to associate responses.

Note: If you leave the standard 'name' and 'organisation' questions in your Citizen Space activity, the data will pull through to this page. 

You can also:

  • Manually add a new response
  • Filter responses
  • Download responses in .xlsx format
  • Download all documents uploaded to your activity in .zip format.

On this page you are also able to ‘Disassociate’ and ‘Associate' responses - this means that you can select multiple responses and ‘associate’ them so that they are grouped together.