Uploading geospatial layers - how to override the points, shapes or lines number limit

This article is for Citizen Space Geospatial. Please speak to your customer success manager if you are interested in learning more about it.

We appreciate sometimes there is a need to upload a layer with more than the system maximum number of points, shapes or lines. 

(The maximum numbers are 50,000 points to a mapping layer, or more than 100 points, shapes or lines to a select interaction mapping component type)

Citizen Space will initially give you an error message saying it cannot import the file. This is by design as having too many points, shapes or lines on a page can make it less usable. At very high numbers it can also cause the responses by questions page to not load.

If you are happy with the above risks and do want to continue and override the system limit:

You can add your layer by adding?no_import_limitto the ending of your URL in the toolbar after you have chosen the file to upload. The ?no_import_limit would come after map_layer_upload like this: 


Step by step this is:

  1. In 'Configure map layers', select 'Upload new layer'
  2. Before you choose your file, go to the URL in the toolbar, scroll right to the end of it, and add ?no_import_limit to the end (see above) and hit enter
  3. Choose the file, and select 'Upload file'.

Once you have successfully uploaded a layer with more than the recommended upper limit, we strongly recommend that you preview the page to test it as this may affect usability. You should consider how easily your respondents can find the information they need in amongst a large amount of data in a layer.

Changing the projection of a layer

You may see a similar error message if you are trying to upload a layer in a different projection.

You can edit additional fields for layers if you add ?advanced to the end of the edit_map_layers page URL.