Analysis - How to use Responses Organised by Question

Responses Organised by Question is an option you'll find on your dashboard.

Responses to this Activity section on Dashboard with Responses organised by question highlighted.
Responses by question page with filter options and download filtered reports links.

Why use Responses Organised by Question

Responses Organised by Question can be used to:

Quickly see breakdown of response numbers per question

See what percentage of respondents have answered each question.

About you question section with each question making up a row in the table.

Filter and group to create reports at survey or individual question level

Create and download a filtered summary report.

Screenshot of Responses Organised by Question screen with a filter applied for only respondents who've stated that are happy with the proposal. The download links for the PDF and .docx report are outlined.

Filter individual questions and then group it against another question to cross-tabulate data:

Answers to the question how do you feel about your local police force from respondents who answered No to being asked whether they agree that crime is an issue in their area.

Individual question reporting

See the breakdown of responses by question:

Question breakdown includes each component that makes up the question.

You will also see charts of the responses for easy visualisation.

Chart and table of quant question on Responses by Question.

It is possible to include or exclude 'not answered' from the charts or graphs, which you can read more about in our article detailing that option.

Any filters that are applied can be cleared individually, or all in one go by selecting 'Clear All'.

Easily identify analyst questions

Analyst questions are included in the question list, so you can filter and/or group using analyst question data. Analyst-only questions will be differentiated in the table view with a pale blue highlight, consistent with colouring seen on the Analyse Responses and Add Response pages.

Responses by question index page on Beatles consultation showing response rates for each question on Page 1.