Analyst questions - how to add, move or delete

Analyst only questions allow you to build in questions to your survey which are visible only to admins and which may help you to work with responses or to help with your analysis processes. Find out more about analyst only questions.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the following:

Add analyst question

Go to the dashboard for the activity to which you wish to add your analyst-only question. If the activity is live, you will need to retract it. 

From the dashboard, select option 2. the Online Survey link. On the left hand side of the screen you are taken to, go to the page to which you want to add the question and click on it. This will expand it so you can see a list of options for that page.

Here you will find the Add a question option.

Survey sidebar with Add question highlighted,.

Enter your question text and be sure to select the Visibility option: 'Used for internal reporting and analysis only'.

The 'Add question' text box with the question text 'Is this response from a pressure group?' entered, and the visibility options below the box highlighted by a red box. The visibility option 'Used for internal reporting and analysis only' is selected.

Select the Add Question button. Your question will now appear at the bottom of the list of questions on the left:

Survey sidebar with 'introduction' page menu opened and newly added Analyst-only question highlighted. Analyst-only question reads'Is this response from a pressure group?'

Move your analyst question (if needed)

If you need to move your question to a different place on its current page, or another page entirely, select the Move questions link in the page options

Survey sidebar with Move questions highlighted.

You will then see the list of your questions by page, and you may move questions up or down from here. Analyst questions will be highlighted in blue. Click on the Move question to page dropdown menu to move the question to another page. Use the Move Up or Move Down links to move the question to where you would like it to be on the page:

Analyst-only question as it appears on Move questions screen.

Delete your analyst question (if needed)

If you need to delete your question, select the question in the list on the left hand side of the page. This will bring the question up in the centre of the page and the option to Delete this question is available under the question text.

Analyst-only question with option to delete question highlighted.