Fact banks - how to add more fact banks to the top of survey pages

You can now add fact banks to most places, like on the Overview page using the 'Embed' button in the text editor bar, on survey pages by adding content to the fact bank area, or by adding a fact bank answer component to questions. However, you may want to add additional fact banks to the top of survey pages. 

A fact bank can be replicated at the top of survey pages by pasting some html code into the source view of the text editor and then making some changes. Use the source button in the text editor:

Text editor toolbar with source button highlighted.

If you're feeling confident about inserting html code into the source view, you'll find the code you need below plus some guidance on which bits you need to amend. You'll need to find the appropriate place in the source view to insert this based on where you want the fact-bank to sit in relation to other content on the page.

Alternatively if you're not feeling confident, you can as always contact us via support@delib.net and we'll be more than happy to give you a hand.

<div class="cs-factbank"> <h4 class="cs-factbank-header dss-heading-x-small"> <a class="collapsed hide-when-no-js" data-toggle="collapse" href="#fact-bank-1" role="button"> <span>Read more</span> </a> <span class="show-when-no-js"><span>More Information</span></span> </h4> <div class="cs-factbank-content collapse" id="fact-bank-1" aria-live="polite"> <div class="cs-factbank-content-inner"> Fact bank content goes here! </div> </div> </div>

Once you have this code in place you need to change both references to fact-bank-1 to a unique ID for this fact bank (safest to stick to letters, numbers, dashes and underscores for this).  It's perfectly acceptable to use fact-bank-2fact-bank-3 and so on. This is important if you have multiple fact banks in your activity because if you don't change both of these to something unique, then clicking on the fact bank may cause the wrong fact bank to open.

Additionally, you'll need to update the three pieces of text displayed:

1. Read more is the text of the link to open the fact bank.

2. More Information is the title of the block shown if there is no Javascript available in the browser and the fact bank is open by default.

3.Fact bank content goes here!is the HTML content of your fact bank.  This is editable using the editor once you've got the basics set up.

If you're unsure about any of the above, please contact us via support@delib.net and we'll assist where we can.