Uploading files - how to upload a file to a completed response

On occasion, a respondent will want to upload a supporting document to a response they've already submitted online. It is possible to attach these files on their behalf. We recommend you wait until your activity has closed before you do this (as you need to retract your activity in order to edit it).

To upload a file on behalf of a respondent, you will need to add in a new question and choose the 'File Upload' answer component. Make sure you select the 'reporting and analysis' checkbox when you add the question. 

Add a question for the file upload component for analysts only by setting its visibility to 'used for internal reporting and analysis only.'

Once you have done this, go to 'Analyse Responses' on the dashboard, search by the response ID to find that particular submission, and then upload the file using the analyst-only question you have created.

Analyst only question in analysis view with file upload component. Screenshot.

We've got an article that also explains analyst-only questions in a bit more detail and another article on how to download attachments that have been uploaded to responses using the file upload component in Citizen Space.