Linear vs non-linear survey structure

Citizen Space allows you to select whether you would like to create a linear or non-linear online survey. 

Linear surveys

linear survey contains pages in a specified order. Respondents complete the online survey in order, page by page from 1 to x, selecting 'Next' at the bottom of each page to move to the next page of questions. You must use a linear survey if you want to set Skip Logic rules.

If there are any 'required' questions in a linear survey, these must be completed before the respondent is able to move to the next page along. 

Non-linear surveys

non-linear survey has an automatically generated ‘contents page’ as the first page after the overview. A non-linear structure is particularly useful for long and detailed surveys, and surveys in which only certain sections will be relevant to a respondent. Respondents can pick and choose which parts of the survey they wish to respond to, and in which order. They will return to the contents page after each page of questions they answer.

If there are any 'required' questions in a non-linear survey, these must be completed before a respondent can submit their response to the survey. Only when required questions are completed will the 'Finish' button appear to allow a respondent to submit their response.

If you choose a non-linear survey structure, then you can add introductory text to the contents page (which can include more engaging detail such as images, videos, maps etc.) via the Online Survey settings.

Learn about how to change your survey from a linear format to non-linear.