Creating an online survey

Our Quick start user guide is a great resource for building your first Citizen Space activity. This article talks you through creating an Online Survey, and pulls together useful links from across the Knowledge Base.

In this article we’ll be following the below steps:

Step 1 - Initial set-up

The very first thing to do is to add your activity and give it an Overview page, then you can begin to create your online survey.

To set up the Overview page select the first option on the dashboard: 1. Edit Activity Details.

The top section of the consultation dashboard showing '1 edit consultation details' circled.

Step 2 - Online Survey Settings

The first page you will see is 'Online Survey Settings'. Here you can:

Online survey settings.

Step 3 - Add Pages and Questions to your survey

Now, you are ready to add your pages and questions.

When you begin, there will already be one 'Introduction' page in your survey. This contains three default questions to get you started. These three questions have some added functionality. You can choose to edit this page title and/or to edit or remove the questions in it if you want to.

To add your own first page, follow the instructions in this article, which explains how to add, edit and re-order pages.

Start adding questions to your pages. Read more about adding questions here.

Read these related articles for more information:

Step 4 - Add Extras

Read more about how to add in extra details such as images, documents and links to your pages and questions, via the following articles:

Step 5 - Preview Your Survey

You can preview your survey at any time and can skip directly to certain pages and questions if you wish. To preview, you can click Preview Activity from the dashboard:

Top of Dashboard with Preview Activity link highlighted.

Have a look at this article Previewing a survey to find out how to get the most out of Citizen Space's preview functionality.

If you need sign off on your survey before publishing, our article explains how to send a preview to a colleague who doesn't have a Citizen Space administrator login.

Step 6 - Publish Your Survey

When you're ready to publish your survey, head to the dashboard and select the big green Publish button:

Top of Dashboard with Publish button highlighted.