How to create a PDF report of the results

Citizen Space can generate a PDF summary report of your quantitative results, including aggregate numeric data and charts. All data is anonymous so this report is useful for sharing internally to give your colleagues a snapshot overview of the results. You can request a PDF summary report at any time, even while your activity is still open.

Find out more information about what is included in the report.

We’ll discuss 3 types of PDF reports:

To create one of these PDF summary reports, follow these steps:

Full summary PDF report

On the dashboard, select the 'Download summary report (PDF)' link which can be found below the 'Responses to this Activity' header.

Responses to this Activity section on Dashboard with Download summary report highlighted.

You can then download the report PDF for your department's use or share it with respondents by adding it to the results page.

Note: If the activity is still open when the report is generated, an interim report is created. A note is included at the top to make it clear that the results may be subject to change before the activity closes. The footer of each page also includes the words 'Interim Report'.

Filtered summary PDF report

In 'Responses Organised by Question', admins and analysts can apply filters and set display options to only include specific data in the report. This is helpful if you want:

  • the report to include a specific set of responses (for example, only those respondents who've said they are responding on behalf of an organisation, or by a specific department)
  • to group questions so you can compare how respondents answered every question (for example, group responses by if the respondent is a resident or non-resident)
  • exclude not answered from the tables and charts.

In 'Responses Organised by Question' set any filters and display options and then select your preferred filtered summary report format to download.

Screenshot of Responses Organised by Question screen with a filter applied for only respondents who've stated that are happy with the proposal. The download links for the PDF and .docx report are outlined.

Individual response PDF report

In 'Responses Organised by Respondent', admins and analysts can download a PDF copy of each individual response. This is identical to the PDF receipt emailed to respondents on submission of their response (if they supply their email address) and is useful if:

  • a respondent contacts you to request a copy of their response (for example if they didn't receive an email receipt) or
  • you would find it useful to print and review an individual response in a 'clean' format.
Table of responses on Manage Respondents (top few rows).